The Psychology of Color

How color affects how much we eat.

So if you’re wondering why a health tip from a nutritionist would be talking about the psychology of color, here’s an interesting point:  the colors surrounding us can influence how much we eat.  

Think what color fast food restaurants are painted.  Red and yellow are often colors used in the fast food restaurants.  Think golden arches of McDonald’s, red in Pizza Hut, Sonic, and Burger King – you get the picture.  Do you think that this is any coincidence? I think not. The fact is these colors stimulate appetite.  Red will also get you to eat fast so you will eat more, and hurry and leave for the next customer!

So how do we use this to our advantage if wanting to eat less?  Choose Blue.  The color blue depresses appetite.  Think of how many blue restaurants are in existence.  Not many, if any. Restaurant owners know that this will cause people to order less food, which of course, affects their bottom line.  We can use this psychology to help us. Try eating off of a blue plate to eat less. While a subtle influencer, it can help in curbing the amount of food we consume.

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